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Waiting twelve months for your own special day is a long wait in the life of a child. The FunPad can help make your child’s birthday even more special by providing the entertainment at your child’s birthday party.

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What’s on board:

  • Block buster
  • Log ramps
  • Ball pit
  • Secret caves
  • Monkey bars
  • Punching bags
  • Triangle deck climbs
  • Web platforms
  • Bouncy web tube
  • Horizontal squeeze rollers
  • Cavern crawl
  • Spider bungee maze
  • Jumbo slide
  • Vertical squeeze
  • Dance floor/disco
  • Soft play shapes
  • Pothole run

Children Party Package- The Funpad

 Our standard and most popular party package is:

(More packages check our booking page:

1 Hour Standard Party starts from $335-$395(Depending on proximity distance to travel)*

 Whats Included

 The bus can cater :

  • Max 25 children aged 3-6 years, or
  • Max 20 children aged 3-12 years(Mixed age group), or
  • Max 17 children aged 7-12 years

*Weekend only price for alternative slots in our zone, please check by putting your details in the form below

 For each parent, their child is their star and the most loving human being. However, when it’s your child’s birthday party, you do look forward to making their day ultra-special. Don’t you wait for months for your child’s birthday to arrive to see that priceless smile on their face? Trust us, we all do!

In the end, we just stick to traditional Children Party Packages, which involve either throwing a party at home or booking some hall outside. Are you bored of such a setup and now looking forward to newer Kids Party Packages? If yes, then The FunPad’s double-decker bus is what you need to bring some excitement to your child’s birthday party! 


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