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Win a Contest 

Win Exciting Gifts – Choose 1 of the option for the winner

1. Doll 

2. Marvel set 

 How to Participate

1. Colour the left white frogs and name on the paper bus 
2. Fold the paper and make a bus
3. Write your name on the bus and a line what you like about funpad in the space provided on top of bus
4. Post your selfie with Funpad paper bus on your Instagram & Facebook page(can use your parents account).
5. Tag TheFunpad in the photo itself
6. Attended the party at @thefunpad #thefunpad
4. Add caption- Having fun with @thefunpad #thefunpad

Terms of Contest

1. Anyone from victoria can participate in the contest
2. You give us a permission to use or share pictures for our website and social media for   marketing/promotions.
3. Winner picked at random and announced on end of Apr 2023 on our facebook page.
4. Gift options and terms can be revised from time to time as this is ongoing contest.