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The FunPad is able to service a multitude of venues around the Melbourne metropolitan area(to check your suburb click here) . From private homes, parks, school grounds, corporate venues, reception centres and wineries to name a few, venues need to be able to accommodate our full size double decker bus which weighs approx. 10 tonnes and whose dimensions are 4.3m (H) x 10m (L) x 2.4m (W).

Don’t have a place to park outside your home ? You can also do it at park near your house

Parks and playgrounds are a favorite venue for birthday parties and family gatherings, especially on sunny days. We can’t guarantee good weather, but we can help you find a location with the necessary amenities such as picnic tables, shelters, and toilets. Note that access to shelters at playgrounds is based on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s best to arrive early, especially on weekends, to secure a spot. For Funpad bus usually don’t require permission from council(for 1 hour parties) as long as we are parking on dedicated car park space and don’t create any obstruction to anyone. We have done many parties next to park without any issue.

Some inner Melbourne councils, such as Glen Eira and Boroondara, require reservations for picnic shelters, rotundas, and open spaces. Barbecues, however, are available for public use at no cost. Some council allows booking a shelter and open space for a minimal cost, but check with the council for exact prices and minimum notice periods. This reservation system increases party expenses, but it guarantees the use of a facility. Find a full list of parks in your area at the link below. 

Note: This is general results and we don’t cover all the areas for our service area click on the link above

Consideration needs to be given to the following requirements:

  • Height clearance of 4.7m. This includes ensuring there are no low hanging wires or branches in the area in which the bus will park.
  • Firm level ground upon which The FunPad can park which will allow for safe access for children to enter and exit the bus. Please consider that private driveways have not usually been designed to accommodate the weight of a double decker bus.
  • In car spaces, we require 6 spaces to accommodate the length of the bus.
  • The FunPad cannot operate on an incline.
  • The FunPad cannot park on main roads.
  • If you wish The FunPad to drive onto a local park or reserve (not including verge parking), you will need to contact the local council to receive permission as well as to obtain the gate key to unlock and chains restricting access to the park.
  • The FunPad cannot park in any location that causes an obstruction.