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The ultimate children’s party bus near me – Double Decker bus for hire

It was seven years back in 2014 when TheFun Pad was incorporated, with the sole aim of helping children have fun during their special moments. The true passion of the experts at FunPad is to be with children and watch them having the time of their lives.

Play activities at FunPad:

At FunPad, one can enjoy a huge plethora of fun activities. Some of the primary activities include – ball pit, dance floor, monkey bars, vertical squeeze rollers, split level decks, jumbo slides, spider bungee maze, noodle curtains, a secret cave, cavern crawl, bouncy web tube, horizontal squeeze rollers, log ramps, soft play shapes etc.

What is FunPad?

FunPad is a children’s dream of playing in an indoor centre that acts like a double-decker soft play bus. The FunPad is not like any other bus; it is a bus full of excitement that can come to your doorstep or desired venue when needed. It is an entire indoor play centre that operates on wheels, giving children from the age group of 3-12 a unique experience altogether.

If  you are  searching for kids birthday party venues near you, look no further!! FunPad, a refurbished double decker decker bus, has the highest quality of equipment of soft play dedicated to the kids entertainment. This party bus designed specifically for young kids will reach out to you at any time and under weather conditions, be it rain, shine, hail etc. The FunPad is temperature wise fully controlled and provides the tiny tots a fun, unique and safe entertainment option. 


Jungle Gym | Kids Party Packages


1. How many children can the party bus accomodate?

Although the FunPad bus is quite spacious, there are only 25 children allowed of the age group 3 to 12 years old for safety standards. In case if you have a group that exceeds the number of 25, you should make two groups.


2. In case if it starts raining during the event day? Will the bus still arrive?

One of the biggest USPs of our double-decker bus is that it is weatherproof. Be it if its raining or if its sunny, or be it if there is a hail storm, regardless of any conditions, the bus will reach your venue and never let your plans go wasted. Once a commitment is made, we will make sure to fulfill it.

3. In case if The FunPad gets late, then what?

99% of the time, the bus will never be late. Rather as per the policy, the bus reaches the venue 15 minutes prior in advance. However, if such a situation arises, it only could be due to an emergency, and the point of contact will get in touch with you to keep you updated.

4. Is The FunPad safe for children who are less than ten years old?

The FunPad is one of the safest buses for your child. We cater to the age group between 3-12 and take full ownership of the children’s safety. The entire setup of the place has been designed keeping in mind all the safety factors.

Why Should You Go for Double-decker Soft play Bus For Hire?

The concept of a double-decker bus is very known and has been going on for ages. The very first kids party bus  was seen in London in 1956. This unique kids playcentre in the bus is an absolute winner because it is very clean and safe. Adding on, the bus is also very spacious, and  complies with all the health and safety standards. 

Ditch the old and traditional parties to celebrate your child’s special day and sign up for a unique experience like this! 

Never a dull moment with The FunPad:

hang on, did we mention that you also get a kids entertainer onboard to keep them fully engaged, burn their energy and make the bedtime routine a piece of cake? This is on top of the free play time they get on board. Now that is what put smiles on the faces of  both the children and parents alike.