How about planning a wonderful birthday party at a park

Birthday party at park
Want to give your child a new experience of a birthday party ? How about planning a birthday party in a park? A simple playground party at the park can be a laid-back and fun experience. In fact, birthday party with the funpad at the park was one of people’s easiest and most enjoyable parties yet. However, a successful park birthday party does rely on a little forethought on your behalf. Here are few tips for a great birthday party at the park!

Tips of planning birthday party in a park


You will likely have to go through your city’s parks department. Be prepared to pay a fee for reserving the area. If your park has multiple pavilions, consider which is best suited for your party. For instance, do you want the pavilion nearest the playground even though if may be the smallest? Or would you be better off with the largest one on the property though it may be the furthest from the playground?

Consider the time that would make the most sense for your birthday party theme. Also keep in mind whether you wish to serve a meal or not when you plan your time frame. If your time will run into 11:00 to 1:00 or 5:00 to 7:00, be aware your guests may assume a meal will be provided. If you wish to serve cake and snacks only, an earlier morning time or mid-afternoon time would probably be best.

Get clear details from the person you talk with when reserving the park as to how early you are allowed to arrive for set up and how late you are allowed to stay for clean up. It is possible the park will reserve your area with back-to-back events. You need to be informed on your full allowable time – from arrival to departure. It is also worth calling back a second time the week of your event to double-check that everything is still a go. Having a birthday party at the park means you may not feel you have a go-to person to talk to. You may feel better by calling and confirming a second time.


It’s a park, and you are having a playground birthday party. You will already be competing with the beauty of nature. As you gather the decor you do wish to take, collect everything in one box in your home and designate it as the decor. Designate a tub want to take for party decor (balloons, candles, banners), simply drop them it. Be sure to pack twine, multiple kinds of tape, etc. for hanging things.


You can serve pre-wrapped sandwiches or hot dogs in a slow cooker with small bags of chips are easy and appropriate for a birthday party at the park. In fact, you can teamed up with some other bloggers to bring you food ideas for a birthday party! There are some great ideas there!

Use pre-cut foil sheets to easily wrap things for grab and go


You will want to have tablecloth clips to help hold your plastic or cloth tablecloths in place if it gets windy.

I bought mine last year, and they have been used more times than I can count already. I use eight per table – one in each corner and one in each middle area. Nothing can annoy outdoor playground party guests more than air-born tablecloths.

If your park doesn’t have tables, and you will be putting blankets on the ground, come up with a plan for how those blankets will stay on the ground and not fly around


Our park has a pavilion which I visited ahead of time. You will want to check for things such as electric outlets, nails or hooks on posts (for hanging banners and buntings), the number of seats for guests, how many trash cans, a water faucet nearby for rinsing things off, etc. Take pictures on your phone so you can review once you are home. The more you know about the party area, the more precise you can get with your decoration planning.


If you are expecting a lot of guests (who are bringing gifts), you may want to have plans for a second vehicle to help transport things home. – If your guests will be bringing gifts, you will be hauling home more than you brought. Have a plan for how you will get these things back to your house after your party in the park.


Don’t rely only on the permanent trash cans at the park. It is possible those cans might already be full or near full when you arrive for your party.

Last but not the least


The Funpad will be a new unique experience for the kids. A party in a bus parked at the park. A new refurbished bus with lots of soft play equipments, where children can be entertained and have a ball. For further assistance or booking visit The Funpad

Here is the Google map to one of the party parks in St Kilda Point Ormond playground, St Kilda , Elwood

Birthday party at park

Birthday Party at t Kilda Olmond Playground by the Funpad

We can help plan your kids Birthday party /Event

The Funpad can help make your child’s birthday even more special by providing entertainment at your child’s birthday party. The Funpad is a fully refurbished double-decker bus, fitted with the highest quality soft play equipment that comes to YOU, wherever you are, rain, hail or shine. Fully climate controlled, The FunPad provides you with a safe, unique and fun entertainment option, designed for children 3-12 years.
Give teachers a well-deserved rest!!  Let us share some load.
The Funpad provides a unique incursion experience that can entertain kids for hours.
Explore, Discover, Grow
● Developing core skills of movement enhances confidence, flexibility and coordination; all while the kids are having fun and being active.
● Movement can also play an important role when kids are learning and growing. It assists with concentration, focus and engagement along with building their self-esteem.
 Happy parents, happy party guests, happy you

  • Corporate are always looking for options for family events where kids can play safely. The Funpad can entertain your guests aged 3-12 years on board. This gives parents a rest or the chance to look around and enjoy the event, knowing the children are being well supervised and are safe.
  • Guest can also have peace of mind as kids are burning their energy on the bus rather than keeping their parents engaged
Are you looking for a unique entertainment option for your youngest guests?

● The FunPad can entertain your guests aged 3-12 years on board.
● Children will be able to play the day/night away.
● Full time supervisor on board minding the kids, keeping them engaged and managing the queues by sending them on rotation basis in a group of 20 kids at a time

Give a unique wedding entertainment option for your youngest guests!!

  • Make your party a special one by giving both kids and parents time to enjoy with their friends.
  • The FunPad can entertain your guests aged 3-12 years on board for hours.
  • Children will be happily occupied in a safe environment, under supervision.

For Birthday bookings on weekends you can check availability and book online

Funpad Booking steps

For School and other events, please contact

Funpad on 0485867861 or


Contact Us


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book The FunPad Bus?
For Birthday Bookings on weekend, you can book it yourself online at our booking page. You can book in 3 easy steps
1. On our bookings page, choose the date and time you wish to host your event.
2. If the time slot is available, proceed through the online booking system.
3. If your preferred date and/or time is not available or you require a longer booking time, please telephone our office on

For Events or any other booking please contact us at info@thefunpad.com.au or call us on 0485867861

Does the bus drive around as part of the party?
No, The FunPad remains stationary for the entirety of the party or event.
How does it work for Events/Fetes/Charity?
● Event organizers can hire the Funpad for the duration of the event (minimum 3 hours).

● We manage the queue by letting in 20 kids at a time for 5-10 mins on rotation basis.

● Costs are determined by the travel distance plus the hourly hire rate.

● The Funpad can then be a FREE activity for children – Or – to cover costs, charge an entry fee, say $2.00 – $5.00.

● We can attend your event for the entirety of your celebration or only part of it.

● The choice is yours with packages tailored to your specific needs.



Does your Staff has working with children Check ?
Yes, all our staff have working with children check
How does it work for Birthday Parties ?
We arrive 5-10 mins early to park and set up the bus, Kids enter by sanitizing their hands and the driver/host tells them the rules and introduces what’s inside the bus. Kids explore the bus for the first few minutes and then the driver starts playing games/activities to keep the kids engaged while they are on the bus. 
Do you have aircondition in the bus ?
Yes, The Funpad bus is fully airconditioned and self-powered, so no need to provide the power source. 
Whats inside the Bus?
The Funpad is jam-packed with certified soft play equipment and is sure to entertain. some of the things kids find inside are 

● Block buster
● Log ramps
● Ball pit
● Secret caves
● Monkey bars
● Punching bags
● Triangle deck climbs
● Web platforms
● Bouncy web tube
● Horizontal squeeze rollers
● Cavern crawl
● Spider bungee maze
● Jumbo slide
● Vertical squeeze
● Dance floor/disco
● Soft play shapes
● Pothole run

Kids Party Bus

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