Terrific 7 years old birthday party ideas for boys

Boys birthday party ideas
Kids are always excited about their birthday and want the best of best on their special occasion. Keeping your lad happy can be hard sometimes but, with an organized plan and a good birthday party theme in mind, few birthday party decoration ideas related to the theme and you can bring a smile on his face. You can organize an outdoor party or indoor party ideas, these themes are suitable for both and you can easily get these supplies at the online store

Creative 7 years old Birthday Party Ideas boys

Birthday themes for boys which are both exciting and easily manageable are listed below:

  1. Pokémon Party

Pokémon is loved by kids, and owing to its popularity and likeability you could choose to throw a Pokémon themed party for your boy.


DIY some paper cutouts of Pokémon characters for decorating the place around

Buy Pokémon outfit for your kid

You could go for customized balloons with Pokémon pictures on it and a Pokémon themed cake

Get Pokémon characters printed on mugs and distribute them as return gifts

  1. Harry Potter Party

Not only kids but adults are crazy about Harry Potter too, and the magical Hogwarts. Harry Potter themed party would prove to be a perfect birthday theme for an exciting and adventurous birthday.


DIY Hogwarts seal stamps which you can stick to the invitation card for birthday

DIY owl drawings on balloons and decorate them around every corner

Buy wizard hats which are easily available in the market

You could also make golden snitches by simply sticking feathers to Ferrero Rocher

Customize your cake by adding a Harry Potter figure to it

Make wands for your guests so that they can totally feel in character

  1. Minion Party

Minions have become really popular in recent times and are a hot topic among kids. A minion themed party could be your baby boy’s dream.


Decorate your party venue with blue and yellow balloons

Buy Minion party hats, easily available in the market

Customize your cake to be yellow and blue with minions figured on it

You could also customize a minion outfit for your birthday boy

Distribute minion stuff toys or key chains as return gifts

  1. Pirate Party

Pirates have always sounded mysterious and cool, and both these characteristics are loved by 7 years old birthday party ideas for boys


Distribute black printed hats with danger sign on them

Customize a cake in ships’ shape with a captain figurine on it

Organize a treasure hunt game with clues here and there

Decorate the venue with black balloons

DIY some eye patches for the kids with red bandanas to wrap around the forehead

Distribute binoculars as a return gift

  1. Superhero Party

Superheroes are loved by boys be it Spiderman, Superman, Hulk or Batman. So why not plan a superhero birthday theme for your boy?


Set a dress code where all kids come dressed as their favourite superhero

You could customize a layered cake with a logo of a superhero on every layer

DIY face masks of all the famous superheroes for making it feel more real

Organize a photo shoot for all the kids dressed as their favourite superhero

Give away superhero toys as return gifts


  1. Modern Elephant Party

This is the perfect baby boy birthday theme for your boy who has just turned one.


Send customized elephant shaped invitation cards

Decorate your place in all blue and white

Buy some baby elephant stuff toys just to decorate or distribute among the kids

You could also serve elephant shaped biscuits or chocolates

Put pictures of every month of the first year of your boy around the house

  1. A Space Party

Space themed party is trending these days as everyone loves the idea of space and the mysteries around them.


Decorate your house with paper cutouts of stars and planets

Dress your little one as an astronaut

Customize an earth shaped cake

Get rockets printed on the birthday party hats

Distribute NASA printed mugs as return gifts

  1. Car Race Party

Cars have always been fascinating to boys, which calls for an amazing car themed birthday party.


Decorate your house with car cutouts of cars and balloons with cars printed on them

Buy race track games, easily available in the market for adding fun to the party

Customize a cake with a car figured on it

Get the birthday hats printed with cars along with their names

Distribute toy car sets as return gifts


  1. Construction Party

Every boy is fascinated with “Bob, the Builder”. Try a construction themed party for your boy and let him be the architect for one day.


Buy some crane and tractor toys for decorating the place. Later you can distribute these toys as return gifts

Make chocolate doughnuts for the kids as they give an image of nut bolts

DIY caution or under construction signs for decoration purposes

Customize cake in crane shape or with an architect figured on top of a cake

Distribute construction yellow hats to your guests

7 years old birthday party ideas

These were some amazing birthday party ideas for your boy, hiring a children entertainer or the funpad will be a good idea as he can keep kids engaged in the selected theme. So you have some free time in hand to be part of his birthday celebration. He will cherish and remember his birthday special day when you bring his favourite imaginary and fictitious world to life.


We can help plan your kids Birthday party /Event

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Funpad Booking steps

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book The FunPad Bus?
For Birthday Bookings on weekend, you can book it yourself online at our booking page. You can book in 3 easy steps
1. On our bookings page, choose the date and time you wish to host your event.
2. If the time slot is available, proceed through the online booking system.
3. If your preferred date and/or time is not available or you require a longer booking time, please telephone our office on

For Events or any other booking please contact us at info@thefunpad.com.au or call us on 0485867861

Does the bus drive around as part of the party?
No, The FunPad remains stationary for the entirety of the party or event.
How does it work for Events/Fetes/Charity?
● Event organizers can hire the Funpad for the duration of the event (minimum 3 hours).

● We manage the queue by letting in 20 kids at a time for 5-10 mins on rotation basis.

● Costs are determined by the travel distance plus the hourly hire rate.

● The Funpad can then be a FREE activity for children – Or – to cover costs, charge an entry fee, say $2.00 – $5.00.

● We can attend your event for the entirety of your celebration or only part of it.

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Does your Staff has working with children Check ?
Yes, all our staff have working with children check
How does it work for Birthday Parties ?
We arrive 5-10 mins early to park and set up the bus, Kids enter by sanitizing their hands and the driver/host tells them the rules and introduces what’s inside the bus. Kids explore the bus for the first few minutes and then the driver starts playing games/activities to keep the kids engaged while they are on the bus. 
Do you have aircondition in the bus ?
Yes, The Funpad bus is fully airconditioned and self-powered, so no need to provide the power source. 
Whats inside the Bus?
The Funpad is jam-packed with certified soft play equipment and is sure to entertain. some of the things kids find inside are 

● Block buster
● Log ramps
● Ball pit
● Secret caves
● Monkey bars
● Punching bags
● Triangle deck climbs
● Web platforms
● Bouncy web tube
● Horizontal squeeze rollers
● Cavern crawl
● Spider bungee maze
● Jumbo slide
● Vertical squeeze
● Dance floor/disco
● Soft play shapes
● Pothole run

Kids Party Bus

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