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Welcome to a World Which You Have Never Seen Before

Ditch your outdoor parties, which get cancelled due to the multiple weather conditions, and say hello to an indoor place for a birthday party that is totally weatherproof, hygienic and full of activities.

The FunPad is known to be one of the out-of-the-box and unique ideas for your kid’s birthday party as it s fitted with high-quality soft play equipment, providing a full range of party entertainment. It can easily be touted as the best party hire in Melbourne.

Hop on board this entertaining kids party bus and give your children an extra special gift- a birthday party on wheels!! 

We are after – More Laughter!

We have a team of highly qualified staff, with years of experience, who will always be present to provide entertainment for our young guests. 

The staff makes customized plans as per the age group and likings of the children covering dance, music, activities, and whatnot.

The primary goal of the professionals at The FunPad is simple, to help the children have the best of time, make the most of the hour they get on the bus and keep the kids entertained onboard.


Jungle Gym | Kids Party Packages

Why The FunPad?


  • The FunPad, has been loved by children and their parents across the country, since its inception in 2014. Since then, the professionals here have not left any stone unturned in providing the best experience to children.


  • You know what children like? They are the most basic humans who like games, lots of games, and even more games! Hence, the focus of The FunPad has been provide ultimate games and events to them.
  • Majority of our events include – Triangle deck climb, Ball pool, Noodle curtains, Block buster, Split level decks, Log ramps, Monkey bars, vertical & horizontal squeeze rollers, soft play shapes, dance floors, pot hole run, jumbo slide, bouncy web tune, web platform etc.
  • One of the biggest USPs of The FunPad has been to offer safest and most fun soft play equipment, which are loved by children across the age group of 3-12. We are the only double decker in the country offering such soft toy equipment, which are different and very unique.


1. Do I need to pay anything in case of change of bookings?

Firstly, at The FunPad, it is very much possible to change the booking but there is a stipulated window for changing. If you surpass that window, then you will not be able to change it. If you end up changing before the date, you still will have to pay a GST of the % of your total billing amount, as these are mandatory rules stated by the Government.

2. What are the requirements of parking of The FunPad?

Approximately The FunPad is about 10 metres long and 2 meters wide, 4 meters high. Our organizers make sure to keep an eye on the height of the entry gates, tree branches etc. For parking, the bus does require a road base, firm grass or a sealed rode which is easy to manage, along with a proper shaded area.

3. How many children can you accommodate in one go?

Due to safety and hygiene reasons, our highest number can only go up to 26. But this also does vary depending on the age group. For instance, if we have more children in the age group of 3-5 then we can accommodate all 26, otherwise even lesser.