School Events & Fetes

School Events & Fetes

Being a first for Australia, The FunPad will provide a truly unique entertainment option for your next school function or fete. Fitted with soft play events, The FunPad will keep children entertained for hours. 
The FunPad can accommodate up to 25 children on board at any one time aged 3-12 years. When charging an entrance fee or token access for use, The FunPad recommends 7 minute session times allowing for 8 sessions per hour. Session times and costs can be set by the event coordinator to suit the individual requirements of your school function/event.

What The FunPad offers your next school event:

  • 25 children on board at any one time from 3-12 years.
  • All FunPad crew have current WWC.
  • Generous hourly earning capacity.
  • Fully climate controlled with on board heating and cooling.
  • Self-powered with on board generators.
  • Extensive internal lighting for night use.
  • Brand new, clean, hygienic equipment
  • Age appropriate, safe, interactive play events
  • A visually appealing, truly unique entertainment option
  • Guaranteed fun!

Class Groups/School Incursions

In hiring The FunPad as part of a school fun day or as part of a reward program in which class groups will be utilising the service, we recommend splitting the class into two groups if there are more than 25 children. This way, the groups can each have a session on the bus (session length determined by the school) to be sure there is sufficient play space to guarantee children have an awesome experience on board The FunPad. 


Please contact The FunPad to receive a quotation for your next event. Prices vary according to distance required to travel and event duration.

There is nothing else quite like The FunPad!

For all booking enquiries or to organise a quotation, please contact FunPad HQ on 0415 186 005 or email