Corporate Events

Corporate Events

The FunPad is a must when considering entertainment/amusements specifically suited to children aged from 3-12 years. A first for Australia, The FunPad will be a drawcard option, you are guaranteed there is nothing else like The FunPad. 

Events we service:

  • Community fairs and events
  • Open Days
  • Local council events
  • Festivals
  • Shows
  • Family fun days
  • Christmas functions
  • Childcare incursions

Able to accommodate 25 children on board at any one time, The FunPad offers a fully supervised service while children are on board. All FunPad crew members have current a WWC.

The FunPad is:

  • Fully climate controlled
  • Self powered
  • Brand new, certified play events
  • Clean, hygienic and safe
  • Engaging and fun with play events suited to children aged 3-12. 25 children can be accomodated on board at any one given time.
  • Fully supervised on board by our FunPad crew, all of which have a current WWC card.


Please contact The FunPad to receive a quotation for your next event. Prices vary according to distance required to travel and event duration. As a broad indication, The FunPad is hired at $350.00 for the first hour and $175.00 for every hour thereafter.


For all booking enquiries, please telephone 0407 386 005 or email, where we will be able to answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with a detailed quote for your next corporate event.

The FunPad - where the fun comes to you!