The FunPad Team

The FunPad Team

The FunPad is a family owned and operated business. Our crew includes Mr and Mrs FunPad,  the FunPad children and our mascot, Froggy.

Mr FunPad


Adam aka Mr FunPad, is the mastermind behind the refurbishment of the bus. Adam saw potential in our affectionately known 'old banger', and built from the ground up, The FunPad. From the defit, to the refit and everything in between, Adam made it happen. A lot of the time, the work was undertaken by Adam himself. He has been very hands on in the project, making sure the final product was exactly what he had envisaged.

Now with The FunPad on the road, Adam is our driver and party entertainer.

MrS FunPad


Elena, aka Mrs FunPad, brings her expertise as an Early Childhood and Primary school teacher to the FunPad team. Elena has ensured that the installed play equipment is not only suitable to the developmental needs of our most important clients (the kids!) but is highly engaging, interactive and entertaining.

Elena works behind the scenes running FunPad HQ and will ensure that your FunPad experience exceeds your expectations.


Team Mascot

Froggy has been with The FunPad since its inception.

He specialises in back flips, swimming and eating flys.