Have a question? Browse through our most common questions below. If the answer you are seeking is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thefunpad.com.au.

How can I book The FunPad?

Booking The FunPad is as easy as 1,2,3...
1. On our bookings page, choose the date and time you wish to host your event.
2. If the time slot is available, proceed through the online booking system.
3. If your preferred date and/or time is not available or you require a longer booking time, please telephone our office on
0407 386 005.

Can The FunPad park at my house?

Yes, The FunPad can park at your house. Usually, The FunPad parks and sets up on the road outside your house, or if your driveway is able to accomodate we can park there. The FunPad is a full size double decker bus which weighs approx. 10 tonnes whose dimensions are 4.3m (H) x 9m (L) x 2.4m (W). The following needs to be considered as to where The FunPad can be parked:
  • Height clearance of 4.3m. This includes ensuring there are no low hanging wires or branches in the area in which the bus will park.
  • Firm and relatively level ground upon which The FunPad can park which will allow for safe access for children to enter and exit the bus. Please consider that private driveways have not usually been designed to accommodate the weight of a double decker bus.
  • In car spaces, we require 6 spaces to accommodate the length of the bus.
  • The FunPad cannot operate on significant inclines.
  • The FunPad cannot park on main roads.
  • The FunPad cannot park in any location that causes an obstruction.


What happens if it's raining?

Rain or shine The FunPad will be there, whatever the weather! Inside, The FunPad is fully climate controlled ensuring the chidlren remain comfortable regardless of the elements outside. In the event of extreme weather, in which it is deemed unsafe to drive The FunPad, we will offer a reschedule of your event to another date or time or provide a full refund.

What is your health and hygiene policy?

Here at The FunPad we are commited to providing a safe, clean and hygenic play space to ensure maximum enjoyment, minus the nasty germs, whilst your child is on board. At The Funpad we employ the following procedures...

1. We clean the play equipment after each party with a non toxic, natural sanitiser.
2. At the end of each day, the play equipment is given a thourough wash and clean.
3.We  wash the children's hands before they board the bus.
4. Chidlren must wear socks on board.
5. Children are required to wash their hands on re-boarding if they have disembarked to eat.
6. No food or drink is to be consumed on board.
7. Children who have been unwell with colds, coughs, temperatures or gastro symptoms are required to be 48 post symptoms before being able to play on board.
8. Children who are visibly unwell will not be permitted on board The FunPad. This includes a runny nose.

Can I cancel a booking?

We understand that things change and are happy to help in the following ways.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • Full refunds are applicable for events cancelled no less than 4 weeks before the scheduled event.
  • 50% payment will be forfeited for cancelled events less than 4 weeks before but no more than 1 week before the scheduled event.
  • 75% payment will be forfeited for cancellations made less than 7 days before the event.
  • 100% payment will be forfeited 24 hours before the event.

Reschedules and Alterations Policy

  • We are happy to reschedule events within a 6 month period if the request is made to alter your booking no less than seven days before your scheduled event.
  • Changes to your bookings are dependent on our availability at the time of making the change.
  • In extenuating circumstances, The FunPad can apply their discretion at altering bookings less than 7 days before the scheduled event.
  • Only one reschedule is allowed for any one booking.
  • No changes are permitted on the day of the booking.

Do I need to stay on the bus with my child?

The care and supervision of the children is the responsibility of The Fun Pad’s staff member whilst children are on the bus. Members of staff are there to oversee the children playing on the bus, oversee the running of the event/party and to manage and operate the vehicle and equipment. Once children leave the bus, this includes for use of the toilet they are the responsibility of the hirer/parents/guardians and the party/event. FunPad staff are not able to leave the bus and are unable to supervise children who choose to leave the bus. For children’s birthday parties, one adult minimum is required to stay on the bus to assist with supervision and supervising children exiting the bus. For parental convenience, a parent viewing area is available on board with a seat which is in front of our CCTV monitor. For event functions over two hours, a supervising adult is not required to stay on the bus as The FunPad will provide an additional staff member. However, supervising adults attending the event will still be required in close proximity to assist children once they leave the bus or to use toileting facilities.

What happens when the bus is late?

Whilst we will endeavor in each situation to arrive on time to our booked parties and events, unforeseen circumstances may delay our arrival. In the event that The FunPad is running late, we guarantee you your full booked play time, without compromise.

Does the bus drive around as part of the party?

No, The FunPad remains stationary for the entirety of the party or event.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do and we are happy to provide a certificate of currency should you wish to view.

Does The FunPad need an external power source?

No, The FunPad has onboard generators to power all equipment. In addition, should we be required to provide a bouncy castle for larger parties and events, our generator is also able to supply the power source for this.